"Microsoft Word can create Websites".

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    And those websites can be hacked by Microsoft excel.
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    “Flash is great for websites.”
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    @venky bcz they are hosted on microsoft powerpoint
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    And I can jump out of my 11th floor window, but I shouldn't
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    But but what about this cool drag and drop interface by wix where you dont need to code anymore? Thats the future!

    And what about progressive web apps which adapt to ios and android? Thats the future, no one should code native anymore!!!
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    @zemaitis I am waiting impatiently for the "thick client/thin client" pendulum to swing back somewhere towards sanity.
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    @monkeyboy they have both their reason.
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    It can! Depending on how good your html typing skills are 😀
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    @monkeyboy You mean like using them for what they're best suited for?
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    20 years ago, quite some homepages were made with MS Word. Us serious web devs could easily tell by their excessive use of the <FONT> tag. 😊
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    When you realise ms word can build a dynamic website with excel as the dbs layer and calculations connected to an access database for raw data.

    I’m just going to let that set in for
    a minute.
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    Guys, why are you yammering about something that's around for two decades?

    *jeeeeeez* 🙄
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    @Yamakuzure Not yammering ranting ^^. We fought these timewasters in the past. I thought twas over... Little did I know...
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    @noyb I hear ya!
    Seems like I overreacted a bit here. 😉
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    If somebody creates a website in brainfuck i´d say go ahead but not Word. You know why? Imagine one poor developer will encounter that shit on his first day of job...
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    @noyb How about LaTeX2HTML ? 😁
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    @Yamakuzure I´d expect that to be a creative challenge(ML Langs are quite interchangeable in theory hahah), but if using it for a buisnesscase one should reflect his/hers life choices xD.
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    tags can have spaces, for future reference, OP.
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