Is it normal for the majority of the junior web developers to struggle with development environment settting? I am asking because I am struggling

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    Depends what environment you're setting up and what you mean by junior.

    I'd consider myself a junior and I can set up a Django project fine but ask me to set up a laravel project and I'll struggle for a while.

    But generally, I'd say yes. If it's something new, even more so. Don't worry too much about it. This is a very broad and varied industry and nobody can expect people to know everything. You're doing fine. Even when you're struggling, as long as you're learning and growing, you're doing fine.
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    @Charon92 thank you for motivating reply. I am learning asp.net dev environment settling now and everything is new. Also I am having problems combining react tools with asp.net environment..
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    @creativeJay I'm Junior too, and that you struggle with that seems pretty normal to me. You'll be fine, just fight through it and you'll learn loads
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    @CoffeeNcode thank you for your advice. I will trying to keep going without frustration :)
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    www.yeoman.io helped me to understand how projects are set up in a proffesional manner.
    Also appart from lurking on devrant the yearly released front-end developer handbook helped me get an overview.


    good luck 🙂
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    what's your coding tool?
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    @heyheni wow, thank you so much for your helpful advice! People like you make me motivated :) recently I moved my whole development environment from text editor to asp.net environment
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    VS Code is nice

    also for version control the git gui GitKraken makes it easy to use.
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    @heyheni thank you so much! Today you just raised one developer :) I will follow your road map!
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