Yes. Please. Stop putting hidden files in my home directory. It's not the place for it.


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    You should surrender your home directory to them. And just create a separate and true home directory 😁
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    If these personal config files should not be placed as dotfiles in $HOME, where should they go?
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    @stormwise Why not a .config folder?
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    @cursee who uses the home directory anyway right?
    Always have a seperate drive or partition for personal data.
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    Symlink everything
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    It's nice being able to edit the bashrc easily with "vim ~/.bashrc" (choose your favourite editor) independent on your current bash location. I agree though for things that you do not edit that often as a user to put it into .config
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    @stormwise that's what xdg conventions are for. the article OP linked explains it better than i can
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    I’ve always seen the the home directory as “stuff that belongs to this user only”. So, config files that only apply to that user could go there.
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    @620hun that's not really an argument against the convenient ".config" subdirectory, though, which is also user-specific...
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    ~/.config is indeed the correct answer.

    /home/<user>, aliased as ~, is set to be only accessible by <user>, sometimes even encrypted.

    If multiple people log in to a machine, they expect their own personal settings. Those settings should not be editable by other people. So ~ is the correct location for configs. BUT CONFIGS SHOULD GO IN THE CONFIG DIRECTORY.

    VS Code throwing down a ~/.vscode file is like me throwing a dirty plate on the kitchen counter instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

    It should be ~/.config/vscode. Also, no need to make the config hidden, because the config directory is already hidden.
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    @git-gud .config is in the home directory, though. I was under the impression this rant was about having config files in home.
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    @620hun It's about polluting the "root" of the home directory. Configs should be in the home directory, but just like you would have other personal stuff like ~/documents and ~/code and ~/music and ~/porn, all configuration files should be in a subdirectory as well.
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    @620hun it's a rant about not following convention. The folder ~/.config is where configs are supposed to be if you follow conventions!
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    @gitoutofhere @bittersweet poorly worded in that case
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    Yeah... Not all programmers have understood what $HOME/.config and $HOME/.local are for...

    Maybe we should open an issue for every dot file that is placed into $HOME directly. 👿
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