Hate asking these questions here buuuuuut...

Can anyone recommend a good flowchat/diagram visualiser for linux?

Preferably GTK based so it doesn't look out of place but anything will do, using google docs for this shit is like trying to disarm a bomb with a spoon...

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    Not really. You can try: yEd, Dia, LibreOffice Draw
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    @boopboop Sure. It's basic, but exports SVG.
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    If you are using update to date chromium or Firefox browsers, draw.io is what I use.
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    I think pencil project will do the job.
    There are multiple online browser based websites. You can check them.
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    Yed is okay
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    Not exactly Linux but you could try draw.io
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    I second draw.io . Oss, lightweight, works quite well. I use it for all my charts
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    I'm pretty fond of PlantUML, multi plattform and you mostly don't have to mess with layouting, connector routing etc.

    Also integrates in Asciidoc, Redmine, IntelliJ IDEA and much more.

    yEd is also great when layouting is important or Inkscape if you want full control.
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    Specifically for diagrams, I use draw.io--it's quite good and simple to use...
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    @Scade second that. Not really good for flow charts, but I really like for little sketches: xfig.
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    What a pity it has to be GTK+ based. Otherwise I'd suggest Umbrello. https://umbrello.kde.org/
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    +1 for draw.io. I use it for every project I have and once you get the hang of it you can quickly make stuff.
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    F*** draw.io, its a shitty tool where arrows point in a weird places.

    Listen to me boy, use Paint on Windows.
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    @colaguy oh god, I'm not advanced enough for paint!

    I'm but a humble peasant in a land of such tools
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