Definitely Dungeons & Dragons.
One of the oldest geeky fantasy roleplaying games and I love it.
My first teacher teacher at my bachelors got me into it. Tried it out and I've need addicted ever since.

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    Yes! I was looking for this one :D
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    @martijnimhoff why not post it yourself? :)
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    @Charmesal well, why not.. just did it :D
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    D&D is fun
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    @Root it sure is. And chaotic.
    Do you play?
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    @Charmesal I used to. I just don't have the time anymore 🙁
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    When I ran games, I let the players decide what happened -- mostly. There was always an overarching story that progressed regardless if the players were aware of it. Often large with politics and intrigue that would shape the world at the end of the campaign. If they caught on, they could change its course if they cared and tried enough.

    Also, all of the challenges had easy solutions if you looked and studied things closely enough. Maybe a party member needed local history, or someone got a really nice spot check roll, or simply knowing the right thing to do at the right time. Figuring it out was often just as difficult as the encounter / situation itself, but certainly more satisfying.

    Also: I encourage and reward creativity. Makes for very interesting games, especially for me! 😅 Oof, players can really surprise you.
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    @Root it's a shame but I get it. Some things have a higher priority than games.

    I have tried making up my own world and story but as a starting dm I failed so I now stick with premade campaigns. So far players have done less to fuck up the story. Their biggest mistake was going in a dungeon at too low a level and surprisingly winning encounters they shouldn't.

    I try to encourage creativity as well and some players are really going for it. Making a makeshift bomb using common house hold items they find around an enemy base and actually making it work.

    I hope I'll have time for a session at least every other week for the rest of my life because it's now one of my favourite things to do. Keeps the child and creativity alive.
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