Sometimes I feel frontend development is like ancient magic:

Backend Dev: Oh no, I can't align this DIV properly.
FE Dev: No worries!
* Casts Flexius Boxius on the DIV *
* Div aligns slightly better *
BE Dev: But it's not centered!
FE Dev: No worries!
* Casts Marginis Automaticus! *
* Rolls natural 1 *
* Everything collapses *
* Website is on fire *
* Product owner cries *
FE Dev: No worries!
* Casts Flexius Boxius level 5 on the parent div *
* Everything looks beautiful *
* People are in awe *
FE Dev: You are welcome!
* Adjusts his robe and leaves *

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    I see dnd reference, i upvote
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    Dang, u must be very good at latin lol. Haha, it's kinda true for me. I have a BE dev and i still cant get my head around all those <class=" flexiius boxius "> XDD thingy
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    This post sums up my life - the best part is the robe flip, chin up, walk away. Wizardry is classy!
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    As a FE dev, this makes me feel fabulous and magical 😍
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    There are directors, cameramen, script writers..and there are movie stars (the front end devs) :)
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    Then CSS would be 100% greek and latin to me.
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    We, devs are all wizards in this world of semicolons and curlies.
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