Big Brother is listeningšŸ¤”

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    Same happened to me. Me and my brother were talking (face to face) about laptop bags and suddenly, Instagram started showing us ads on laptop bags.
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    Wasn't it in the Facebook apps terms of use that it could listen to your mic at any time? This is why I don't use them xD
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    @stonestorm yes it is, they do listen and show ads based on your conversation
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    Welcome to the future, er present.
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    > listen to your mic at any time?

    This is why I like physical on / off switches on mic, and if they don't have one, you could retrofit one..
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    Facebook absolutely does this. The mobile app even listens while you're on a phone call, and with the right permission (that it probably has) it could even know who you're calling or who called you. Facebook also never deletes data it mines (or ostensibly while you have an account, at least), so these conversations are recorded and stored forever. But your conversations with other people are also recorded if they are using the app, so. Deleting your account would never be enough, even if Facebook deletes the data as they claim. Furthermore, people talking about you on/around Facebook gives it data about you, which it uses to build a profile and relationship tree of you regardless of if you have an account. Not even the NSA is this insidious.

    Android phones with Google services also listen to you to populate google search suggestions. Sounds less scary, yeah? But Google is a black box -- there is no telling what they're doing with the data, and they certainly don't delete anything, either. (Why? "Training data")

    I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this is the world we live in. It's a scary place.
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    I wonder how Facebook would be able to get microphone data when the permission isn't turned on šŸ¤”

    Kinda like how would CA be able to get users' information if it wasn't for them giving out all their data to a stupid fucking game without thinking twice. But hurr durr, I give permission to something and that something ends up *using* that permission?!! That's so problematic.

    I guess that it boils down to people having to start actually fucking reading what they consent to. Do you also sign a paper contract without reading it first?
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    Guys I have an app on my phone called "Free Call Recorder" and I think it secretly records all my phone calls omg I don't know what to do plz helpšŸ˜ØšŸ˜Ø
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    @PaperBag lol... You can cover your mouth piece with ur palm while making a call. That would help prevent the app from listening.
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    @GiddyNaya Oohh good idea thanksšŸ‘
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    I wonder why people are against this... I kinda like my privacy for sure! but if you can make life more easier for me by building my context with relevant information. WTF just bring it on!
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    There are videos on YouTube, which show that the Chrome Browser listens to stuff you are saying, which results in personalized ads... It's really spooky
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