Sister: "Can you fix my computer?"

Me: "What's wrong?"

S: *explains the issue

Me: *types that into Google and shows her the search results

S: *gives me the look

M: "This is seriously what I do to fix a lot of my problems 🧚"

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    This. I'm still baffled, that when working with equal peers and engineers i get simple googable questions all the time.
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    Lmgtfy exists to passive-aggressively teach people how to Google like programmers :)
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    its actually a high ability that escapes many, to paraphrase the correct google terms to find what you want. It got easier in the last few years.

    An auxiliary skill is to know if you need to adjust the search terms to optimize the yield
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    S: “so, you won’t fix it?”
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    I spent 2 years working in an IT Support call center. Google basically solved 95% of the calls that would have stumped me.
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    Exactly what my brother do to me but he added;
    B: "fuck you, you never told me this!"
    Me : "You got your phone since 10 still don't know what Google is, Duh~!"
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    @tokumei Anyone who uses that is a fucking cunt worse than the moron who asked.
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    @telephantasm Oh, I'm definitely a bitch.
    And it is so very often deserved.
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    @Root I'd rather have you call me a brainless imbecil to my face than see you pull that LMQTFY shit on me. 4Real.
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    @telephantasm Of course I'd absolutely never use it except on a fellow dev friend who does know how to google. I am a bit of a sadist as well...
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    @telephantasm 😅 Fine by me!
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    @BurnoutDV exactly. It’s the ability to filter down someone’s stupidly long winded problem statement into 4-5 words
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    I use LMGTFY to teach a lesson. I genuinely couldn’t care less what the receiver thinks if they came to me before Google.
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    LMGTFY is a screwed since Google gives different results to different users for the same query.

    Encountered this issue, when my brother asked me some tech question. We're both in IT/telco. We both tinker with electronics. We share the house network connectivity. So one would expect we would get at least similar results. Big fucking google-nope. Same query. Mine had the answer in first 5 links. The same link was on the second page of search results on his while the first was loaded with crap.
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    Filter bubble is a serious issue and it's going to be worse with the widespread machine learning. If you haven't heard of it before, watch the TED talk by Eli Pariser.

    So maybe, just maybe, in some of the cases, you're getting better results from Google, because you googled so much IT/tech stuff that Google knows what you're looking for and what to prioritize.
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    @qwwerty holy shit that's a good info
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    @qwwerty "Err, all I get is page upon page of Harry Potter fan fiction and cat facts..."
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