With every day that passes, I more and more want to do something else as a profession...

But WHAT?!?!

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    I often times feel the same, so decided I actually would like to combine several professions, and become very rare and demanded developer. I kind of always felt interested into electronics so bought arduino and started learning it a month ago. Also planning to pick up neuroscience at some point - I am very excited about BMI technology.

    So basically that’s my advice, explore things. Maybe it’s enough for you to get into something like game development to feel that excitement working again.
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    @gintko maybe ... I'll think about it
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    I feel alike often, and have some ideas of what to do but none of them are profitable.

    Blacksmithing, being an indie farmer, tinkerer, musician, travel vlogger, photographer, concept developer

    The list goes on
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    @ananaszjoe yeah I'm also looking into off-grid living and such ... But thats a huge step ...
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    @karma I could deal with the decision because I'm as untethered as it gets, but the finances doesn't add up so there's that one minor thing stopping me 😂
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    Emu-riding package delivery boy, professional cheese sculptor, or artisinal tampon crafter.

    Just some ideas.
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    @bittersweet dude 😂😂😂😂 I laughed my balls off
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    @karma True story: I almost bought an emu, until I discovered emus skip leg day and will just lay flat if you sit on them. And the city told me I could not raise ostriches, even though they'd be a good solution against the car jams on the highway. I'd really like a bird mount with a beautiful leather saddlebag, I could pack my laptop and lunch in there, it wouldn't need reigns because Simon (that's what I'd call him) and I would have bonded over our mutual love for functional programming and category theory.

    Why I want to be a cheese sculptor is a story for another day, but if you love a well aged gruyere as much as I do you're going to love it.
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