Frontend-developer's day is like:

*moving element by 0.0001px to right*:
- *10 new pages appeared*
- *text suddenly disappeared*
- *pictures pierced bottom of page*
- *window.alert("Kill me")*
- *it's night outside the window, but you totally sure a minute ago was a noon*

*moving element back*:
- *no pictures*
- *no text*
- *no moon*
- *10 blank pages*
- *only darkness left in this world...
...and this fcking element, yeah*

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    @Alice :o :O

    Same here.. Since I moved to better frameworks
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    This is hilarious xD
    Have some ++
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    @nomad What’s wrong with “pure js”? I’ve never used a framework.
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    This is hilarious!! 😂😂
    But it's the main reason I dislike front-end development!
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    I like how the * in f*cking is totally pointless
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    Using floats are we? Hahaha reminds me of old nightmares with those :D
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    Double forward slash comments in CSS? 🤔 I thought only /* */ was allowed
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    @D3add3d maybe scss :D
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    Iv picked up a project a previous dev had worked on at an old internship, 12,000 lines of CSS NOT INCLUDING BOOTSTRAP and the peace broke more often than a bmw that's never been serviced
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    Reposts everywhere
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    You should seriously make the page responsive....

    The design/ layout you are making will only work on your PC alone, and none other
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    @NoMad @grosten
    I've never heard of the pure.js framework, is it good?
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    @NoMad no that's not possible, everyone knows you can't run JavaScript with out importing a least a terabyte of libraries and frameworks. Jeez.
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    @strNameKyle I do!

    Writing only custom code, reinventing the wheel each time but it's for learning purposes, and the code doesn't go public, nor is used for big projects, so easy to maintain.

    Otherwise I add one or two **very small** libs not even from npm to keep things as light as a feather :D
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    Haha, accurate
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    Shouldn't affect chrome. As it doesn't supposed to use factorials
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    Like @D3add3d, I just noticed that CSS has /* comments */ - not // such stuff

    But this shouldn't be a problem, since this comment would only be treated like an illegal statement and ignored after the }
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    @BambuSource as @Phlisg suggested it might be SCSS in which case double forward slash comments are competly valid
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