Devrant app getting really slow in terms of loading. Content opens after 3 - 4 trials of restarting the app. Otherwise just connectivity issue or blank screen(with no loading). Anyone else facing it?

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    It's helpful to list things like:

    Device being used
    Current OS version
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    Device vivo 1724
    Android version 8.1.0
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    Same thing on my phone.
    Xiaomi Mi6
    Android 8.0.0
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    You are not alone.

    I'm waiting to open a ticket if this become too worse.

    The rest of pages are not very bad, the notifications page is pretty bad. I always have to switch to individual noti tab or refresh again to see any noti.

    And the two devices from earlier comments and mine are all Chinese phones. So I'm not sure if it's a factor or not.

    Mi A1.
    Android Pie.

    And if I'm not wrong this issue happened to me after upgraded to P.
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    @BlackSparrow You're good lol

    It's a habit I developed when I started submitting bug reports for other apps.

    You may wanna put it on the GitHub.

    @cursee They won't know to fix it you don't tell them lol might as well post it
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    Nope, works well on sgs7e android 8.0.0 . So not all devices are affected
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    I'm not experiencing slowness, but I've frequently seen the Notifications page just refuse to load at all. Switching from "All" to one of the notification categories usually works. Switching back to "All" sometimes works.

    Galaxy S8 running Android 8.
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    @EmberQuill same as me then.

    I sometimes face slowness too but I won't say my connection is always good nor stable.
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    Nah, fine for me, except some occasional image partial-loading.
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    It just happened again so I grabbed a screenshot.
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