How tf do you manage screen sizes in mobile game development these days?

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    You make everything ugly so that no one can complain. (Second option would be to add micro transaction to get your preferred resolution).
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    @Jilano that second idea is great. Should i do this exclusive next to the ad-free version for 1.43 USD?
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    @nitwhiz Nah, I'd suggest making a $0.99 [YOUR RESOLUTION] item and then, a month later, an HD pack for $4.99.
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    Well first you ditch native and use some web framework so you can use JavaScript and HTML. You never learned about CSS media queries so you import bootstrap, angular, jQuery, react, three.js, and write a whole separate backend using NodeJS, PHP, Java, python, and ruby.

    Since the application takes up 3.5terabytes of ram, resolution is the least of your worries. Ta-da.
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