Today I met a girl who’s super cute, down to earth, smart, uses no social media, and games. I would normally wake up soon after such dreams, but this actually happened today. I asked her out before it was too late 😊

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    Good luck man! Also, when I read "down to earth", at first I thought she was a flat-earther
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    @EaZyCode thanks! Haha, I hope she’s not. But I expect a PhD student not to be 😛
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    What if the earth is actually hollow???

    Attached: holiday picture proof
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    She uses no social media, nor games? Or does she play games? And by games you mean computer games, board games, or?
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    >> Uses no social media

    You're implying social media is a bad thing? That's wack.
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    @eeee Oxford comma 😉 “she uses no social media and games” <> “she uses no social media, and games”

    In other words she’s not using social media, and she’s a gamer.
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    @karma IT'S A DONUT! I KNEW IT!
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    @Stuxnet to me that signals that she doesn’t care about external validation, something that I really value in people
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    @620hun It's rather broad to assume everyone who uses social media is looking for external validation, don't ya think?

    I mean. I only use instagram and even then I just follow:
    - Friends
    - Family
    - Sports accounts
    - Meme accounts
    - A few political accounts to get a new perspective
    - A few companies who's products I really like

    Oh yeah... I don't have a profile pic or even post any pics.
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    @620hun But... you use social media...

    This is hurting my head.
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    @AlgoRythm Who said I didn't?

    @Stuxnet (~P -> ~Q, P) -> Q is a logical fallacy called 'denying the antecedent'
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    *wakes up*

    Guys, I saw a dream today where this guy from devRant scores a chic...

    Oh wait...
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    Ah man, girls who aren’t on social media are the real keepers 👌👌
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    @SauceBoss unless they really do have social media and they're just not telling you because your the side piece 🤔
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    @M1sf3t That’s true, but that’d be something you’d find out pretty quick through signals women use (checking phone constantly, putting the phone face down around you, carrying her phone to the bathroom when you’re alone, etc.).
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    @SauceBoss some do, then some make most men I know look like amateurs. I had a friend once could pay for her whole weekend in new orleans by laying $10 down at the craps table when we first got there... and she wasn't particularly good at craps...
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    @M1sf3t Not sure I understand what you mean. Your friend would pay for a girls weekend in New Orleans by playing craps?
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    no, my friend was a female. She dated a guy that taught her how to play and also made the mistake of telling her that some men think its lucky to keep a female playing on the table... so she'd go lay her ten dollars down and whenever it would run out somebody would put money up for her.

    In craps, like all things at the casino, you play enough turns with the right bet in, you'll eventually hit. When she did, she'd hang around a few more rolls then make up one excuse or other to cash out and bounce 😂
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    Hold on, you met her today and you asked her out?

    Ohhh boy!
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    @pyaf If I don’t act quick someone else might get to her first. By the way, I didn’t propose to her, it’s only a coffee date for now 😛
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    @SauceBoss impossible to find such gems.
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    @Stuxnet you shouldn't be so defensive. If you think the little logic statement is cryptic (which I assume you do, since your previous response is completely illogical), let me give you a heads up. Saying that not using social media is a sign that someone is not looking for external validation does not mean that you think using social media means you are looking for validation.
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    @Stuxnet Yeah, that's a sensible defence mechanism when you either don't know wtf is happening, or you know you fucked up. If you think it's embarrassing that you cared so much about it before, make sure that next time you take a moment and read what people are saying before you write up a wall of text in response. But good for you that you stopped caring! 👍 Have a nice day!
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    WAKE UP!
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    @620hun I like how you think.
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    Update: She has not read the HP books. I knew she was too good to be true 😂 just kidding, she’s awesome
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