At work we get points each month if we don't miss work for the entire month. I have enough points to get a Canon EOS eSLR, or a new mobo-cpu-mem combo. I hate having to make desicions and choices.

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    What does eSLR mean? Is it canon's marketing term for mirrorless? Or a typo?
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    dslrs getting increasingly obsolete because the 46 megapixel ai smartphone camera. And the loss of value of each induvidual picture taken today for social media.
    But on the other hand dslrs are long lasting. But of no use if the camera gather dust in a drawer.

    🤔 Gift your parents some vacation instead.
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    @heyheni dslrs won't get obsolete until you can adapt large lenses to phones. Smartphone cameras only compete with point-and-shoots.
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    I'd go for the mobo combo choice myself. 😉
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    @electrineer maybe not because of phone cameras, but they are getting stiff competition from mirrorless cameras, and it's even worse for them now because you get mirrorless mount adapters for most DSLR lenses
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