Anybody know any good Linux software to remember window position depending on screen configuration? Ideally I'd like there to always be two terminals on one of my monitors automatically, so if there's only one open it should open another one. Yeah, crazy requirements, sorry!

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    Sounds like it's time for you to justify your nickname :) bash + wmctrl are perfect for the job.

    So the tools you'll need:
    - wmctrl
    - shell
    - either udev on the system (if you want your script to be triggered automatically) or xrandr (if you prefer running your script as a daemon/cronjob to detect displays' changes)

    Go nuts!
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    @netikras Haha, funny one. I imagined I might have to go down that lane, but if there'd happen to be a ready-made application for it, why not use that?

    But thanks :) Not too good with shell script, but I guess I have to learn it anyways
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    Consider checking out the i3 window manager. It really boosted my productivity, can do exactly what you need und much more
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    @sWaT I've seen it, but then I'd have to switch window manager, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to switch to a keyboard only one :)
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    @ScriptCoded depending on your distro it might be easy to have it installed in parallel for getting in touch with it for the first time. I understand that a complete switch can be hard when it changes your primary ways of interacting with tools
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    @sWaT That'd be nice :) I'll check it out
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    @ScriptCoded you can also check out bspwm. It is a bit more sophisticated than i3 but it supports mouse actions like resizing, moving floating windows and switching the position of windows.
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    @RantSomeWhere Hmm, that might be something :) Guessing the risk is that I'll just fall back to the mouse and never learn the keys. Perhaps worth trying though :) Thanks!
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