Finally Google kills off a product no-one wanted in the first place! First genuinely exciting announcement from Google in a LONG time. Good riddance Google+!

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    Old news
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    IMHO, from a technical and usability standpoint, Google+ was a lot better than Facebook. Sadly in these cases, that matters little if you can't drive adoption, and social networks are very "sticky" by their very nature.
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    @AlmondSauce I actually agree with youa. I think it had an edge in some ways, but lack of users in a social network is like a calculator that doesn't support addition or subtraction.
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    @AlmondSauce @nathanasius Bad UX is a way to control how the users use a platform. Facebook is good at that.
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    @electrineer both fb and google are masters of bad UX
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    @Codex404 I think fb still wins the battle
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    @electrineer hmm FB design is better than google. FB is a "where the fuck can I find xxx" mess where google is an "lets fucking throw all elements we need randomly on a page and if something does align it doesnt matter, but if more than two things align we have to randomly throw it on the screen again" kind of mess..

    Google is a physical pain bad UX
    Facebook is an orderly mess.
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    @Codex404 both Google and fb are weaklings if we compare to LinkedIn. On that platform every action is a risk.
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    This is because it would kill them within a year regarding gdpr+ claims 😐 just a cost cutter
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