Will do design work for 15 bucks.
Anything. Anywhere. Any takers?

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    Will you design me a nice fashionable new jacket?
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    @svgPhoenix I was into fashion before dev so yeah. I actually can
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    Have you tried rentacoder and such?
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    You are either shit at design or have no respect for the profession or are just broke and need some cash... which is it?
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    @helloworld or from under developed or developing countries.

    $15 per design might get a "huh you crazy" look in my city (depending on the scope of design of course). There are lots of places where you can get design for business cards, flyers, standing banners etc under $10.
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    @al-m I’ll take a jacket, not even kidding
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    @helloworld broke. My MacBook charger just fried so I’m in a rush to get one.
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