MSI GV series gaming laptop

Do I see standard li-ion batteries? Can it be replaced by ourselves?

If yes, fantastic, wish more manufacturers support this, especially for workstation / development laptops.

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    I dont see the good point of user replaceable li ion battery.
    You can do that in service centers.
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    @ajit555 Yes and yes?
    I'm rather confused that there is an HDD in a gaming laptop... yes, it has an M.2 as the main drive but nevertheless I'm confused... 😅
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    What happened to to the times where one could replace Laptop batteries even without opening the case as they were constructed to be replaceable.
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    @sbiewald I miss that times
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    My strategy for next laptop:

    For the given budget:

    * Highest processor + GPU
    * Storage support for M.2 nvme ssd
    * Best ports - usb type c - thunderbolt 3 or gen 2
    * Lowest RAM and disk drives

    Change the RAM and m.2 + SSD to fullest from market.
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    @ajit555 Perfection. 😄
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    Alienware showed laptop with replaceble CPU and GPU
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    I posted pics of my MSL GL62 7rd
    in a rant before. I pointed out the replacable battery somewhere as well. Stop bitching about enclosed battery, it has advantages and disadvatages like the other solutions.
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    What's the point of a battery on a device like this in the first place? How long does it even last, 2—4 hours? You need half of the laptop body full of battery to make it last a useful time.
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    8750h is a heating and throttling crap
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    @electrineer it’s good when you primarily use it plugged in, but need it to be portable on a few occasions. I used to have a gaming laptop and the battery life was so bad that I decided to get a desktop and a proper laptop instead.
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    @zemaitis 6core 12 threads desktop processor in a laptop body is a work to be appreciated.
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    @ajit555 and check if the ram is soldered, fuck soldered ram
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    @devTea you can clearly see the sodimms in the photo?
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    @electrineer I was referring to @ajit555 next laptop strategy
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    @devTea I think I missed the strategy
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    @ajit555 add to your strategy a decent screen. At least full hd resolution and acceptable viewing angles ( IPS) is a must on a laptop. On a bad screen you have to move your head to see the top and bottom of the screen properly.
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    My gl62 has ~3h of light work battery time. Under heavy load it goes to 40min. (everything is a approximation)

    I treat mine as a transportable workstation. I never use a lap without a mouse as well. I managed to play bf1 on the uni corridor :D but had to plug in my charger. (And have a hard cover notepad for the mouse support.) Crude but works. I managed to at least entertain myself when i was waiting for a few hours...
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