why is everyone hating on python lately?

I know it's not perfect, and it takes care of a lot of shit for you. and it's slow, and doesn't have a decent compiler, and PEP 8 encroaches on everything good in the world, and mandatory whitespace, etc.

yea. it's got some issues. but it's still a good language imo. and it's easy to write, it's fun to write, it looks nice (not Ruby level nice but ehh). not worthy of all the "fuck python!" talk.

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    Because prejudice...

    Same question like...why so people love Mayo and hate mustard (which is an ingredient of mayo)…

    Or how someone can eat a good wagyu beef steak with ketchup.

    Humanity is insane.
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    Coz fuck anything I don’t use / like.

    Thats how the world is, if you enjoy it, then just ignore it.
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    Because hating PHP is getting a bit old, and Python also starts with P.
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    It's objectively pretty fucking ugly.
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    @beegC0de well damn son, Python ugly but Rust ain't<T>(&ugly<>())?
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    @AleCx04 beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....
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    My boy @C0D4 said it perfectly really and it boils down to that.

    For many people: not liking something == it sucks.

    I never understood(nor will I ever understand) how that mindset works.
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    The author talked about a programming language.

    I compared it to food and personal taste...

    You compare a drink with acid.
    And hate on other persons...

    How do you get from a programming language and the prejudice against it to a hate of persons against each others?

    That escalated pretty much...
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    Makes a lot more sense to me now..
    Thanks :)

    Sleep well
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    I like knowing how my code is organized.

    I don't like it borking itself because it didn't know how to sort itself out when pasted into what I'm doing because it uses whitespace to determine block structure instead of some sort of enclosing syntax.

    Any language that makes its line terminators optional automatically gets a downvote.

    Any language that doesn't know how to use braces gets a downvote (see index 1 above).

    Any language that prioritizes "user-friendliness" over functionality in the sense of making what helps keep the code sane syntactically optional gets a downvote.
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    People are gonna hate on everything.

    It's about you as a developer not giving a fuck and just using what's best for your needs.
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    @AleCx04 that's not valid rust syntax though
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    Python is objectively better than Ruby. Working with both of them make me happy it's a dying platform, especially rails
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    I love python but a few days ago I had to use some modules and the recent changes in the python version broke most of them. I like the new features but they should keep some backward compatibility. And I'm not talking of weird modules, I'm talking about matplot, numpy, wave and py2exe (yes, py2exe doesnt work in the lastest version)
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    I don't hate lately, I dislike it from day one. Since version 1 (yeah I'm that old). 🤣
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    @Techno-Wizard I'll admit I write a lot more python than Ruby. I pretty much default to it immediately when I have an idea or want to try something. but I do like some of Ruby's features and syntax a lot more. python, while great in many ways, is not as pretty to look at.
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    @LuxARTS py2exe hates me. It's constantly breaks python for me where I just give up uninstall both and use straight python.
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    The only thing I really don't like about it is having to download every bit of source code to the machine your software runs on. PIP is fine except when it doesn't quite download the package correctly, then when you reinstall it uses the broken package from the cache. Then you have to delete the cache. I just hated deploying python code
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    @icycrash I've never had a good experience with py2exe. have you tried nuitka?
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    It's easy to write and read but symbolic language like mathematica is even easier, too many people telling me it's fast without knowing that it's the packages in C that are doing the computationally expensive bits...also I main Fortran and C, so tell me about how fast python is?
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