5 tips to INSTANTLY up your CODING GAME


I don’t often self promote. I made this video and am looking for feedback for part 2 so I instantly knew the best place to ask...

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    Good job 👍😊

    I was coming up with one myself. Common pitfalls, stupid and hilarious things you end up doing when you are starting out as a programmer.

    Adding in some cartoon sketches atm.
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    Wayy wayyy too many jump cuts which makes it feel really rushed. Coupled with how, and no offense, the list is very generic, well it just makes it seem like clickbait.

    Also VSCode is not an IDE
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    @inaba thanks for your feedback! Oops! I shall make an update video.
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    * speach is fluent, clear and very good to understand.

    * VS Code is an advanced editor like Kate, Notepad++ or Geany. But not an IDE. A free IDE would be Code::Blocks or Eclipse (and many more)

    * Python is not the "greatest language for AI"
    A) It is interpreted.
    B) Machine Learning != AI

    * "Comments in Code ; They can save lives!"
    Thanks for that one! Great! 👍

    * "Build something you love at least once a week"
    That one is gold! This tip can save any devs sanity! 😉

    Overall it is okay. My criticism is subjective, so don't take it too seriously. 😊
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    @Yamakuzure really great feedback. I really appreciate it!
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- thanks! Any feedback. I’d love to get better. If there’s anything I can do for you in return let me know!
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