me: *tries to find a file in system*
Ubuntu: No problem bud, here's a thing which you're looking for
macOS: Sure thing chief, here's your stuff.
Windows 10: Here's a random thing I found on the Internet which is totally irrelavent. By the way, I see you're using Chrome, would you like to start Microsoft Edge instead? 🙃

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    Yes comparing 2 terminal commands to cortana makes total sense
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    Total wrong bashing of windows. May be if you just take some time to learn file search in windows. I have a rather huge collection of files on windows n never faced any problems, whether by file name, size, folder depth, partial name, wild card, file content, extensions or internal / external disks.
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    @ganjaman in macOS I use Spotlight, and in Ubuntu (actually Pop!_OS) I use Gnome's search which is under Activities (that thingy in top left corner).

    If Microsoft wanted to merge Cortana with search, well at least make it fucking work with languages not supported by Cortana
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    @athlon dunno bout spotlight but gnome search is literally just ls -la | grep 'asd'
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    @ganjaman but at least it works and looks good! And doesn't require me to open up the terminal! And shows me relevent stuff!
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    so y'all know I'm usually I'm the first to chime in on a good windows bashing, but I've got to admit here that it is possible to break the search bar on macOS. Don't ask me how, I just know that it is. I manage to get mine working again maybe I'll have more to add 😂
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    Dir /s /p
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    To be fair, Windows file indexing / searching is total crap. It has a long history of being slow and on at least two occasions: super laggy.
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    @Root back in the Windows 7 it was legit good. But with Windows 10 they decided that they want to merge search with Cortana (which is utterly pointless)
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    @athlon oh god, I just imagined what that would've been like had apple chose to do this with spotlight and siri.... wait, did apple do this? You know cuz the scenario that just popped into my head was remotely similar to current problems I'm having. Pretty sure they come about when I updated to hs from captain and that dumb bitch got stuck on here.
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    @M1sf3t yes, indeed Siri is built into the mac OS. The key difference is that they didn't try to merge it with Spotlight. I have completely disabled Siri and look! I can still find files I'm looking for!

    The current search system in Windows looks like is duct taped with Cortana. It's like a nicely fried pancake with sweet syrup mixed with... A smoked salmon. Heck, even Microsoft is aware of this, because with the latest Insider preview they separated Cortana from search!
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    @athlon well mine is currently auto searching every third letter or so and every other letter you type in between wipes the current results and replaces them with not found. Pressing enter after you finish typing does nothing, you keep whatever happened/not happened to pull up with the last letter you typed.
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    @athlon MBR file search tools are much better.
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