So we have Oncall system. Every month I get one working weekend.

Now senior engineers and lead are assholes. They think they can bully us. They are putting their Oncall work on our heads.

I refused to do it. But my partner in Oncall agreed to take up their weekend Oncall and in return they would do our weekday. I don't see how that is fair enough.

I refused to do it still. My partner apparently ended up doing it alone this weekend.

I don't FUCKING need to lick anyone's ass here! I don't FUCKING need to do these things to be in their good books! Waiting for the time when I saw GOODBYE TO THESE FUCKING ASSHOLEZZZZ

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    I would definitely also refuse.

    If they take it poorly and throw a fit, involve management; that should get things sorted. If instead you're forced (or fired), leave. You'll be free of them and their bs. And that's a good thing 😊
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    @Root I totally agree. I will be leaving this place soon.
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    Good move. One must have a firm backbone
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    *say GOODBYE
    (Typo in rant)
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    Good for you. If they think even for a tiny bit they can get away with crap like that, they will keep pushing for more.
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