The person sitting next to me in scrum is literally eating honey roasted peanuts out of a cereal bowl with a spoon

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    Dude, you know, sometimes you just get the munchies and, well cereal bowls just make sense ok?
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    @M1sf3t definitely munchies fueled eating.
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    And you're sitting there with your phone ;)
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    Wife material
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    Mind your own damn business is my advice
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    (ish; peanuts are still kind of terrible, even with that delicious coating)
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    @Root yea the logic probably went something like this,
    i want cheerios. No I want honey nut cheerios. let me get ma bowl. there’s ma spoon. *opens cabinet* Well damn no cheerios. hmm, honey nut/ honey peanut 🤔.... Meh, close enough 🤷🏻‍♂️.

    @ElbowDeepInElmo what remains to be questioned is whether you got a good enough look into the bowl to see whether it contained any liquid and if so, whether it was milk or they had made concessions there as well and they had pepsi sitting in the bottom of it.
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