✓ fuck maccuck pros
✓ fuck dell
✓ fuck lenovo
✓✓ fuck razer
✓ fuck asus
× fuck acer

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    I would rate both dell and lenovo to be top tier actually
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    All brands sell crap but sometimes it stinks less
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    huh? last time i checked acer made the cheapest crap of them all?
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    @devTea yup, thinkpads and XPS’s are pretty darn good. OP just hasn’t tried decent laptops yet.
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    @SukMikeHok yes, faulty units exist. It’s not like _every_ dell/lenovo/asus is shitty.

    I owned a dell (it was a latitude something, I don’t quite remember), and I now own a fairly old ASUS (again, don’t remember which one) and a thinkpad (t550). I sold the dell, but the 2011 ASUS is still alive and runs Linux and the thinkpad is fairly new. Never had problems.
    The only laptops I’ve heard my relatives have problems with are Acer and samsung.
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    @heyheni Cheapest? Yes. Crap? I doubt it. I have an Acer Aspire (I don't remember exactly the model). It has almost 10 years, with only the RAM to the max capacity, HDD from factory. It runs Linux and Windows 10 very good (dual boot). And the body only shows minimal wear (aluminium).
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    Funny how people are getting so childish in this laptop or other wars. Like maccuck pro, microshit etc. Get a life and grow up guys!
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    @luftluft I don't want a life. I want a good lappy. ;)
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    @electrineer Ok, thats also way of life :D. But what is getting on my nerves is this attitude of knowing everything in this community. People saying Apple is a pile of shit just for the sake of saying it because only your opinion is the truth. I do not understand why different techbologies are just not tolerated in this community
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    @luftluft but apple has proven to be shit over and over again. That's what everyone expects. People buy apple because they just want some expensive shit: it's a feature. And boy, do they deliver!
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    @electrineer If that is your opinion, then it should be so. But for me we should be a community and 50% of all rants that I am reading is childish hate and that is disgusting me
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    @electrineer Apple was good in the past. Not perfect nor excellent, simply good. It was like any other computer manufacturer.
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    @luftluft I don't consider it childish to dislike a company for its merits
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