The Cup Saga
My cause is valiant. My warrior's hearts were true... And quite frankly we are sorry if we have offended you.

Background: been missing my favourite cup at the office. I brought said cup from home like many of the devs do, we have our preferences you know? For 3 weeks I have been drinking mediocre coffee and the endless quest for my cup perused... I couldn't find it.. It was just missing.... Where could my trusty cup have gone... Its been with me since my second job in 2014, and its gotten me through so many late nights and early mornings, the reward of the perfect ratio... Turns out... Someone took it because... Well they liked it and habe been holding on to it ever since.... Why? No one really knows.. But I have my cup... And I intend to guard it... Since unlike the other cups it cannot be left in the cupboard.. It has to be defended.... Valiantly we recovered the cup... And tirelessly we will guard it now.. Sweet cup of mine...

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    The precious... we wants it... stupid hobbitses...
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    @d4ng3r0u5 hmm.. Perhaps I should have bitten his hand off.. 🤔
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    Been there. I ended up taking my mug back home.
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    @ethernetzero I was thinking of pretending I didn't know, hiding the cup for one day. And then the day after that, wait for the cup to be taken.... Then frantically announcing at the office l that whoever took my cup, please come forward. I kept some poison in it the previous day for some pest I have at home, since it's my cup I thought it safe.. unless you neutralized the poison it would have merged with the enamel and mixed with your coffee.... If you don't come forward, I cannot give you the help you need... You might end up having your insides turn into liquid!! And then when the culprit comes forward I will tell them to call their loved ones and get their affairs in order... Let it sink in, and then say, just kidding, but something to think about the next time you touch my stuff... 😋 Might get into trouble though, but it would have been fun for a little while...
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    @GhostDev Giving the cup a quick rinse everyday with a strong laxative could be effective as well as amusing. 😈
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    @ethernetzero muhaha!!! But I would prefer something a bit more dramatic, that will send a message.. Like Viagra with laxitive... It will make him wonder why he is liking his own shit so much.. 😬
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    @GhostDev You're mad! Mad I say!

    I like it.
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    @GhostDev OMFG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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