I'm sorry, but the Apple App Store review team sometimes doesn't have the slightest clue what they're doing. Some things they usually reject me for, I can literally name 100 apps that violate that same thing, that are ON the App Store.

But the one that always gets me the most, is they will reject your app for not having extremely strict blocking/reporting features in your app (if it involves user-generated content). Okay, I get this, so I implement it. But they reject my app without even looking for them.

It's a CHAT app, so I put the block button INSIDE the chat conversation (right? normal UX? am I crazy?), and they reject it because they couldn't find the block button on the first screen (a screen that didn't even have chats, they screenshotted the SIGN UP screen LOL).

What a joke. Normally I wouldn't care but this update that I'm trying to get approved is essential and fixes some important crashes that have been happening to 13% of active users.

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    @M1sf3t hahahaha, I actually love this
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    We once got our app rejected because it has a link to our website, we open that link inside the app, but guess whats on the website: an image of Microsoft Surface. They claimed it's 3rd party marketing, as if Microsoft is desperate for us to market their products -_-
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    Make the app one big block button when it's reviewed by the team
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