---Startup Rant---

Being a senior developer doesn't grant the privilege to join a team and starting a drama out loud that everything is bad and you don't like it.

First, if everything is perfect there is no need to hire you.
Second, think about the value that you can bring to the team instead of making them feel bad, how can you prepare an improvement plan and start to learn the factors and reasons behind those decisions.

What's funny, it that the same guy after a couple of months starts introducing bad fixes and he says it's ok for the moment, it's not good but it's okayish, I wish I had a time machine for those developers!

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    tbh could be me.

    But what else should I do if they delayed the refactoring the second time since I'm there and for the 6th time in their history spanning over 3 years.

    So I don't see any hope and everything I do will be "just temporary". I know it's an excuse, but I won't properly fix bugs on features that have already been buggy as hell and planned to be done new anyways.

    The day won't come, so I'll just leave.
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