Found my grandmother's Vista laptop from '07. It has 3 problems:
1. Battery lasts 15 seconds at full charge (not a shock)
2. Plastic shell around screen is cracked (not badly, likely fixable with plastic welding)
Point 3 is strange, considering the specs:
AMD dual-core CPU at 1600MHz (better than MY laptop...)
Some NVidia onboard GPU thing (no clue)
2x 512MB DDR2-L (immediately swapped out with 1x2GB and 1x1GB, the most we have at the house)

What I noticed, though, is that it's got a SOCKETED CPU (a rarity only like 3 years later), specifically an S1 socket. There's an AMD Phenom quad-core clocked at 1800MHz with that socket, for $16 on eBay no less!
However, it's a different processor family, so I don't know if it'd work in the board...
Anyone think it'd work?

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    No one will know if you don't tell the model of the laptop. And also the model of the new processor.
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    I did a bit of research and it looks like the only phenoms on S1 are on S1g4 which only supports DDR3, so it will not be compatible. The cpu only has a DDR3 controller.
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    Maybe get rid of the spinning rust and use a SSD instead? Many older notebooks suffer from slow hard drives.
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    Besides the disk, check for lint and burnt coolers, it could be underclocking itself because of thermal issues.
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    No ones mentioning that it's that slow because it's running a 12 year old, unsupported windows vista installation?
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    @succcubbus i'm gonna bump it up to 7

    @nbamaral yeah, that's a bit of a given but ty for the reminder!

    @chromdioxyde that's prob what we'll do, yeh. Or atl a 7200...
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    @Parzi The support for seven ends in 10 months.
    And reinstall it instead of updating please.
    *mumbles in linux*
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    @succcubbus yeah, it's obv gonna be a W&R. It's my grandma's and she'll be using it for her Popcap games and such, so I can't put linux on it, or I totally fucking would.
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    Windows vista gives me nausea
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