If you don't have a gf, you don't have any problems.

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    If you don't have a problem to solve, you don't code :D
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    Congratulations if you have zero problems without a girlfriend... but it doesn't seem realistic. 😉
    Living together with people, doesn't matter if close or not, always creates some problems, but the important question is, how you deal with those problems.
    Some just suck them up and explode at one point, some create an impenetrable shield which kills their opposite, some talk about it and try to find a solution.
    I find social relations always awkward: Either a nice-awkward or bad-awkward... 😅
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    @jAsE love caused me more problems than all other problems combined jase....
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    I wish it worked like that
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    Catch exception
    Run awai
    Open a good tasty beer
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    Lol, tell that to my depression
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    Shame love doesn't have a stack trace....
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    @jAsE I just tried doing that and I get an error trying to remember the 1800's.

    Then again most girls I know will throw silent errors rather than error out completely....
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    @Phlisg I created and finished a project for a company during stage time. In 2 weeks there had been a lot of problems, but I solved them all. 0% bugs, 100% of happiness :)
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