Recently .. (28. Jan) .. Bluetooth 5.1 spec was released containing among other things, the abillity to detect the angle of recieved or sent signal using phased array antenas. I am exited as ... as ... i dont know what but this is amazing for indoor location uses ... cant wait to get hands on dev kit.
Anybody else fidling with BL tech ?

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    - No more manual clock ins in the office. Automatic clock in with the presence of your mobile phone.
    - Status updates on ocupation of meeting rooms
    - Location data on how to organise the office in the most efficient way.
    Which allows to free up office space to rent it out to other startups which leads to collaboration and fresh ideas.

    beacons: www.estimote.com
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    omg this enables offsec to position sniff devices. thats soo cool.
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    @heyheni sure someone done that somewhere :) .. I am excited for potential improvement in position resolution with less beacons maybe.
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    It's invasive though...
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