What kind of software you guys use for internal documentation? Currently we use Dropbox paper but I'm having doubts about it and I'd like to hear some suggestions.
It must support markdown (syntax highlighting would be nice) and I'd like it to be cloud hosted and free or at least cheap :)

I'm not explicitly looking for an alternative but should an awesome suggestion appear I'd switch over.

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    You could host a static website generator using markdown and automatically deploy when someone commit.

    That's kinda what gitlab does as far as I can recall from the github event in Barcelona last year.
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    vuepress is a static site generator for documentation. You can use git to store mardown files and with contious integration it builds a progressive webapp.

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    We use DokuWiki. It's free software that we host ourselves, but you could probably set it up on the cheapest and most basic PHP host.

    The barrier to entry is certainly higher than something like Dropbox Paper, but you can do basically anything with it once you get the hang of it.
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    We use the wiki in Azure DevOps. Other parts of the business use SharePoint or Confluence. (It's a big company across the country)
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    Confluence if using other Atlassian tools.
    GitHub wiki if using GitHub pro.
    README.md if out of money.
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    We're maybe going to migrate to http://notion.so
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