> dockerized gitea stops working 502,
> other gitea with same config works just fine
> is the same config the issue? maybe the network names can't be the same?
> no
> any logs from the reverse proxy?
> no
> does it return anything at all on that port?
> no
> any logs inside the container?
> no
> maybe it logs to the wrong file?
> no others exist
> try to force custom log levels
> ignored
> try to kill the running pid
> it instantly restarts
> try to run a new instance with specifying the new config
> ignores config
> check if theres anything even listening
> nothing is listening on that port, but is listening in the other working gitea container
> try to destroy the container and force a fresh container
> still the same issue
> maybe the recent docker update broke it? try to make a new one and move only necessary
> mkdir gitea2
> all files seem necessary
> guess I'll try to move the same folder here
> it works
> it is exactly the same files as in gitea1, just that the folder name is different

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    Issues like that are exactly why I switched to Gitbucket, although I've used Gitea for a long time.
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    When something like that happens it screams permissions to me.
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    If the config of them both is exactly the same, does that mean both are listening on the same port?

    Also all log files are in data/custom/gitea/logs
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    Why run gitea in docker? Its only one binary
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    @kolaente logs are empty, except for database queries, also the port was different, otherwise same

    @PerfectAsshole sounds right, I'll check, though with docker there's a lot of silent permissions that could fail
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    @PerfectAsshole checked it now: permissions match up to the exactly same lol
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    @hypervtechnics your name contains hyperv yet you ask why container?
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    You using named volumes or host bind mounts? Is it a selinux distro where you need to set the svirt_sandbox_file_t policy?
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    @gruff named volumes and no selinux policy definition
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