Alright, fellow coders, I need your help this time <3

I was thinking about getting a full stack developer position after school, with mean/mern stack. (Yes, I love js, but you can hate me for that later)
So, I just got an offer for a front-end developer position that I didn't apply to but was recommended for by my full stack prof.
Everything is great about that company, but! I'm not sure I'm good for that!
My question is: does being a front-end developer mean being good at putting together nice looking website?
I'm good with angular, but suck at material or just CSS in general.
I can implement business logic, but anything more complex than grids causes my eye to twitch.
So, is front-end developer supposed to be good at design part of it or not?
Google says yes, but I got other opinions from my friends, but they are still students too!
All hope on you guys! Thank you

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    Front end just means UI, or in JS, it would be user interactions.... the other UI.

    But in web, it’s usually tied to design and Intereaction.

    If you’re unsure what the company expects, just ask.
    Plus having a decent front-end knowledge is only going to be a good thing if you plan on being full stack later on. You’ll still have to do he design work at some stage.
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    Yes, ask and there will most probably be a trial period: that's for them to see if you fit and, more importantly, for you to see if they fit. It's better to search for a job while having a job than while unemployed.
    I'd say definitely go for it.
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    If you don't step outside your comfort zone, you aren't learning. Your prof apparently sees something in your abilities. Stretch them.
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    Gor sure go for it, specially when it comes to being recommended. Be upfront about your lack of css design skills, specially if you are willing to learn about it and get better at it. You CAN learn that and become proficient enough to survive even if it is not your main skill. JS developers are in a tough spot in which making websites look good is normally expected, you can make due with it. And if you need tutorials, hit me up
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    design school is it afterwards πŸ˜‰
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    Go for it, just make sure the people who you will work with know you're more leaning towards JS.

    Also, check new CSS3 stuff and maybe even preprocessors, it makes things easy.
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    I couldn't design myself out of a box. Give me some sexy looking invision comps and I can turn those out all day long.

    Design and development are two very different skill sets. Some people have both, some don't. The key is getting to a place where you only have to have the one you have.
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