HTML is 26 years old.

CSS is 22.

JS is 23.

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    Another JS framework is 5 minutes old... No matter when you read that comment
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    @athlon You probably meant seconds
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    Apparently the first release of PHP will be 24 this year. The drummer in my band is only 2 years older than that...
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    So, the web is young.
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    Antivaxx kids are 3

    And they aint gettin older
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    My career is exactly CSS years old.
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    @ganjaman bring me the quality memes
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    Doesn't the web, which had some kind of html, become 30 in a few months?
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    @Wack the original www only supported raw text. Cli based browsers like Lynx were the thing back then.
    It wasn’t until Netscape... Mosaic (for you older folks) came along in the 90s (93/94 rings a bell) that the progression onto HTML1.0 became a thing...
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    @C0D4 yup. I remember it was about 93. My wife’s ex-boyfriend at about that time was a Mosaic programmer who helped found Netscape.
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    TIL JavaScript is older than CSS.
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    Java is 23 (1995)
    C# is 19 (2000)
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    @athlon LMAOOOOO but yea true
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    @iamavalos I have conference swag older than you 😂
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    @C0D4 For some reason I thought it used HTML’s predecessor, SGML
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