What are some good android developer communities? Looking for somewhere to learn and ask questions that might not be code related, so can't be on stack overflow. What do you use? I use android for hobby projects only.

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    Check out wiseAss on youtube. They have a slack channel as well. You can also check subreddit /r/androiddev they have a weekly questions answers thread which saved my ass more times than Id like to admit.
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    What are your projects ? I'm curious 😁
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    Definitely xda-developers.com
    This is the tech source to walk through Android systems like a mf yedi
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    @zemaitis @scor nice, thank you. Will check them out
    @hobyrr An app for a south american musical instrument called charango, two spanish bible apps, an annoying game and a strategy game that is still WIP. https://play.google.com/store/apps/...
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