Conversation today...

Guy: "Hey I need a real quick script to pull some values out of an XML document...is that possible?"

Me: "Uh...yeah that's pretty simple if that's all it has to do."

Guy: "Ok excellent I'll send you some files and documentation."

Me: "Ok so is this like a one time use thing or do you need to parse multiple of these?"

Guy: "Actually it needs to run all the time, on this specific PC, watch directories for any files that are added, then generate a XLSX files of the values, and also log information to a database. Etc"

Me: "Oh that adds quite a bit of complexity from what you originally said. It's going to take more time."

Guy: "But you said it was easy."

Well fuck you...

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    And that's what we call selective hearing
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    ++ for your username though
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    Make an SSIS package and automate it through SQL job agent.
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    Easy != Fast.
    Many people (precisely customers?) really seem to forget that.
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    What a fucking manager.
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    Just a normal day here hahaha
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    @Root To be fair it wasn't my manager (he's actually really good to work for) but it's another group within the business we support.
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    @BobbyTables I meant he's acting like a typical manager. Telling you to do something, ignoring your response, and then telling you to do it anyway.
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    @Root manageoid should definitely be part of our jargon
    - excuse what are you currently working on right now?
    - stfu you manageoid
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    @sbiewald you can't forget what you don't know
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    I'll take "a textbook example scope creep" for $500.
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    "I need to go to the store to get some milk... actually I need to change my tires, watch store ads, keep track of my home milk inventory, and buy milk whenever it's on sale, keeping in mind special high-volume milk drinking times, like when I make cookies."
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