Netstat says that that windows is listening on port 445, but nmap (run from another machine on the same network) says that it's closed. Also the firewall is completely disabled. It's very annoying that I can't use network shares and I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help?

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    Additional info:
    My OS is Windows 10 1803 and I have enabled SMB 1.0 in the windows features settings.
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    What's the bind address of the interface on Windows? It wouldn't be a localhost address by chance would it?

    Also, what were your nmap scan parameters?
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    Du you have a fritzbox? These routers block all traffic to 445 by default and you have to disable the netbios filter in the fritzbox for that to work.
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    Through powershell method? Registry hacks don't work anymore, it is really removed if you don't use smb1 in 30 days.
    Anyway, what are you trying to do? Access the windows box?
    Linux works fine with smb2, you need the server service going (not just workstation, the client part).
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    @Gogeta70 No, it's for ipv4 and [::] for ipv6. I used nmap like this: nmap -p 445
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    @fuckwit I have a tp-link router. I can access the port on other computers on the network. It's only this one computer where samba doesn't work.
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    @SparkyTD well in the case of only one machine not being able to connect to your SMB service, I'd suggest running a Wireshark analysis on the machine that's having trouble connecting.

    Also if this is a Linux machine are your IP table rules stopping connections to Port 445 outgoing?
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    Maybe win10 is just not resolving by netbios, no wins server, probably works by \\IP or dns, doesn't seem like a network issue to me.
    (i've managed samba domains for the last 18 years, smb1 it's not required unless you need to join a nt4 style domain, and in that case you need to skip one of the win10 upgrades and enable it in 30 days or you'll lose it).
    anyway, I don't know why I even bother, he didn't even reply 🤣
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    @Gogeta70 No, there are no rules blocking the port.
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    @nbamaral I was working, and couldn't get any notifications from devrant, this is why I didn't respond.
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