So, there's this big company in Poland with its name starting with C and having CEO famous for saying that every software developer can be replaced with a finite number of college students.

They recently lost a HUGE government contract and so stories of people working there came to light. My two personal favourites:

1. A tester who has been fired for finding too many bugs and mistakes in their product. He was also told that bugs are to be found by clients on production, not in-house.

2. A programmer who was yelled at by his team leader for "wasting time" on code reviews instead of typing the code. He was also told he hadn't been hired to criticise other people code.

God, I'm so grateful I don't work there.

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    Lets collect more stories and make a tv show :D
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    How is that still a big company? I can't imagine such a disfunctional place not burning itself to the ground in a few months
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    My guess: CD Projekt Red

    I love the games they made but they made a lot of momey and biggie says "mo money - mo problems"
    so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    The company culture was totally dysfunctional, and quite toxic. With such, the company would surely have a hard time scaling their tech stack
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    @bioDan as far as I know, CDP RED sucks when it comes to what they pay they workers and they force unpaid overtime, but it's not as bad as in the company I described.
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    @bioDan game Dev company with government contract?
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    @endor Like every company working with government anywhere, connections with politicians matter more than quality of product.
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    @PAKA yes, even game dev companies can do cooperations with governments, especially if its about a project related to healthcare, education, or public safety.
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    @bioDan Name one
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    @PAKA did you even read the rant in this post?
    It is clearly about a government contract being lost to a game dev company in Poland.

    But why just name one? here is a list of companies and individuals which submitted to work with the Australian government:
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    @bioDan Yes please read the post, it's quite clear that it's about Comarch, not a gamedev company.
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    @PAKA i accept the correction about a software company and not a game dev company.

    But allow me to share a little secret, computer games are a subset of software. Which mean that game development is also a subset of software development (in the context of computer/console games)
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    @bioDan Also that link lists contributions to project "Future of Australia's video game development industry"
    So kinda no surprise there. Name one gamedev company that contribute to healthcare, education or public safety project.
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    @PAKA you troll.

    Want one from education?


    Want more? Read this article from 2013 and dig for yourself:

    There are plenty of examples all around the world.
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    @bioDan Still not a single company named. Educational games != Government project. Now let me share a secret. In order to get profit both people and companies specialize in very narrow niches. And with exception of massive corporations like Amazon or Alphabet etc they never leave them. Taking a government project for game Dev company like CDP Red in healthcare area would simply mean having to fire half of their staff like game writers or animators because they have no use in such software. Not to mention taking project in public safety usually means having to submit to heavy regulations, for example you can't hire foreigners. The fact that you work in some small shithole and do work of 10 people from fixing the printer to coding, doesnt mean that everyone does.
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    @PAKA hahah clearly you are inexperienced in the business world.

    I have given you plenty of examples, and you still fail to see that many goverments have long recognized the power of games as learning methods.

    I love my job and I am a proud business owner which employs programmers, and deal with big data enterprises.

    You, on the other hand, are so agitated with the work that you do that you exert your aggressions on random people in devRant or your fellow programmers at work.

    I hope you get out of the dark place you are in.
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    Haha guys shitting on cd project red xdxdxd, of course its Comarch, cdp is game company. Have you seen game company doing gov projects?
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    Off topic, but do military contracts for creating simulations can be accounted as a gov contract with gamedev company?
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    I've seen programmers argue on very petty things and add non-constructive comments in code review, so maybe point 2 makes sense if we're given the right context
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    @endor welcome to defense industry companies, where incompetence is ignored due to lack of competition.
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