How can you learn a lot of things?
i'm trying to learn kotlin and i think i'm forgetting python.
is it happens to you?
or i'm stupid?

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    Your brain is just garbage-collecting the stuff you don't need.
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    My brain is garbage-collecting my french and replacing it with japanese…
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    yeah, you're right
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    You can prevent garbage collection by using the things your brain is trying to garbage collect.
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    If you aren't planning on using it right away, then why learn it. I've been to too many training sessions where we never actually used the new skills. Wasted time and money. Learn what you need it your need it and are actually going to use it. After all of that, do you have a project that you are going to use it on?
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    You can learn all you want, but retention of knowledge requires actively using what you have learnt.

    Learning multiple languages does not defy this rule, if you are not actively developing in python and kotlin you will forgot things, people who have to work across many languages and projects “appear” to remember a lot more then the average dev, but this rule of loss is still In place, drop one for a few weeks and your brain will start culling it down, but you will find it easy to pick up those peices again at a later date.
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    Def stupid
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    @amirbig happy to help :D
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