Today I realized that I hit a total burnout. Last 3 years were extremely stressful for me (4 jobs in 3 different countries, exhausting and toxic relationship, bad habits). Last 7 months are the worst. I became lonely isolated and miserable. I learned to rely purely on stress, determination and validation to get through my days. Was supressing my emotions for a long time just to focus on making the money. Its time to break the cycle.

Im done with this. Next week Im quitting my fulltime job. Saved enough money for starting capital of my own dev services company. Built three projects that generate stable income to cover my living costs. Now finally I can take a long break to recover from this burnout and to heal myself. That poor persons mentality that I had from my poor family has been shattered. I achieved what I wanted in terms of having the money and gathered enough experience necessary to survive anywhere.

I managed to get through all this shit on my own with barely any support. People around me were draining me more than actually helping me. But I managed to do it and now its time to focus on myself, to heal and restore love for living. Im safe now.

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    All is well 😊
    Happy for you.
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    I don't know if this is the right moment for this, but... your name sounds like an std.
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    Congratulations for the perseverance. You are now on a financial freedom path.
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    @electrineer simple google search reveals that my name is a guitar brand
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    @oreru Consistence is key. I used to play this game 10 years ago and at some point I decided to create a gameserver for that game. So I downloaded a fork of server files and everything took of from there.
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    Day 3 since I left the country where I worked at. Came back to the capital of my home country. Spending last two days searching for a car and an apartment which Im gonna share with my sister whos studying at uni :) Im feeling a relief because I dont need to caffeinate myself and waste time in that boring office anymore.
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    @zemaitis if you need an Android dev (or xamarin/react native) I am here 🤗

    Good luck man, I hope you do good in your life.. And I am working to achieve financial freedom too.
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    Hell yeah man! I just entered the corporate life and already feel the struggle... and I completely understand the “poor man mentality” I want to open my eyes past the money and focus on what matters- my happiness... hopefully I can save over the next 3-5 years enough money to try something independent. Bravo man!
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    All the best my dude
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    i envy you so much.

    i got burned out without having able to achieve the good results
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