How do you get in the zone?

Distraction behavior is my worst enemy. I'm productive once I'm coding, but I will do everything under the sun before I start.

Any tips or tricks you use to overrule your lizard brain?

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    1 schnaps
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    I have standardized a set of activities, kind or ritual, that I do, irrespective of whether they would be needed or not for current tasks. This gets me into the zone.
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    Get next to your coworkers and hear them swear
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    Check your checking account balance!
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    Sit down and start working.
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    Evernote (or any notebook)
    Write down everything that has to be donde, prioritize using the Eisenhower matrix.
    Keep a daily task list too.

    Open uour notes Everytime you catch yourself distracted.

    You will be able to keep focused longer over time.

    Use 5217 or pomodoro to boost this up.
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    Routines. I work from home. First thing in the morning after waking up I unload the dishwasher while simultaneously caffeining and listening to a podcast. It gets me into code mode. Later in the day I might go for a run and then continue code mode after getting back and cleaning up. I've been focusing on giving myself breaks though because my focus can get way too intense.
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    Noise canceling headphones
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    Eat healthily, recently found out that sugar highly influences focus, and makes it difficult to concentrate cuz the head gets all foggy.

    We are machines, and machines need oil, fuel, and power to operate properly. So take care of your body.
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    constructor(zone: NgZone) {
    zone.run(() => {
    console.log('you are inside zone!');
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    @colaguy this is the sole reason why i cut things like sweets and high sugar / coffeine while i work.

    at home thats an entirely different story. but sugar 100% kills focus
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    listen Astral Projection
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    As @mundo03 said, filling you mind with tasks and details about them helps start your focus.

    @duckWit's point.of routines is spot-on, too: if you do the same things every day before being productive, soon doing them will start making you want to be productive.

    @colaguy (despite the counterpoint name) is right about eating well, too. Sugar is evil, and soda is the devil. My concentration, energy, clarity of thought, and speaking ability have vastly improved since changing my diet away from processed foods, sugars, and low-nutrition ingredients.

    @Nanos / @wateringdisease's point of music helps, too. Distractions are death to productivity. (But the question is about getting into the zone, not staying there!)
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