Yesterday I got a pretty straight-forward task of fixing SASS linting errors from our project. I thought, "How many errors could there be?" Turns out there were just around 2000 errors across 109 files!

I was almost like, "Man, this is going to take a lot of my time!"

So, I started fixing the errors one-by-one with my headphones on and switching music genres after every 2 hours.

After almost 6 hours of continuous bug-fixing, my mind kind of became repellant to the possibility of the outer world and my fingers automatically fell on the right keys in almost no time. My brain was functioning like a computer itself.

And after the end of 7 hours, I reduced the number to less than 1000 errors.

Today, I continued the task and found out that there were some scoping errors I made yesterday (web developers would know this pain of '&').

And after working for almost 6 hours today, I got the number down to 500.

Not a rant, but I felt extremely content with what I did today.

I guess every day is not just about programming, sometimes, it's also about making your code better.

Thanks for reading! :)

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    A good, solid nice bug fix and/or refactoring can be so satisfying.
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    @smb26 I did, and that's like God walking towards me from Heaven.
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    @duckWit I know right! It's almost like, here, you have a better version of your code that functions like magic.
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    This is why we use es lint and sass lint in all of our projects. Throw in some draconian Airbnb rules and roll with it!
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    Recently set up precommit githooks for eslint, stylelint and prettier, thank god we'ee still at the beginning of the projwct 😁
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    We just added our entire dev team to this project to try to crash it out the door over the weekend. 24 hours in and we're sitting at 260 sass-lint warnings.

    We're gonna keep running --no-verify on our git commits until this thing explodes!
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