Who knew you could make (more or less) everything dark mode in windows 7?

I wish windows 10 could also give the explorer a dark mode... As far as I know you can only use high contrast mode to do that which is ugly af. Why add a dark mode to the settings and start menu but not for the windws explorer?

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    Win 10 does have a dark mode. If you have Win 10, and you are still using IE, Microsoft says stop doing that and use something else. Edge has a dark mode.
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    @iAmNaN I'm talking about explorer.exe, not IE. Do I look like some savage?
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    I knew... Wait, you were talking about win7. Dark mode for explorer in win10 came in October 2018 update (version 1809).
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    @electrineer How does this magic you speak of function?
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    @Conrad which version are you running?

    Andere daten sounds suspicious 🤔
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    @electrineer Oh lol sorry somehow I'm on 1803. How did this happen?
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    @Conrad 1809 was a bit of a fiasco with all kinds of bugs so it was withdrawn a couple times
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    @Conrad actually... 😁 but I do think explorer in 10 has a dark theme
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    Explorer in 10 does have a dark theme if you're running the newer versions, but it's not that great.
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    @iamavalos funny but that's like asking why every word ends with ..ing in English
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    @gaaraDev This is professional edition, wouldn't have Hyper-V on Home
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