Dear Microsoft.
Design 101: Never make a dark theme just pure black.


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    There's you, and then there's the Mobile users (using the same app - Universal apps) complaining that the apps weren't pure black and they looked like s**t on AMOLED screens (which most Windows phones have)
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    installing the Anniversary Update now.
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    The update is pretty good. Some major bug fixes and additions.
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    @wax911 Well I like the dark mode. don't know about others but it will save some battery. Also cortana from lockscreen. and alot of smooth makeovers.
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    Btw guys my Windows Spotlight option ain't work anymore, any one facing the same while setting up the lock screen?
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    @wax911 Weird my lock screen is not changing it's wallpaper as in Spotlight does.
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    They missed the search bar, icons and icons...
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    The Old dark theme before The anniversary update looked better
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    Microsoft should invest more in designer.
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