Few months ago we move into a new Building, Company buys new Polycoms for 2 of the boardrooms - fancy ones with the Skype for Business and stuff.
Provision the boardroom accounts get them set up and all is working well.
Director asks if we can swap 2 boardroom phones around because their dept. just got a remote user and video calling would be awesome.
I set to work changing sign in details, provisioning accounts, assigning licenses, etc which is a long process because 365 needs to update throughout.
Finally get everything right, time to login... Failed...
Login fails on the Polycom, my laptop & an android tab - all 3 with different errors.
Decide to test account by logging into the web version in OWA - logs in perfectly.

Why Microsoft?? Why must you make it so hard? Why not just work?

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    Know the pain.

    In our company we were forced to switch to Microsoft servers and now there are 2 different ways to log in for Outlook and Skype - using mail for first, and login for second, but Skype requests also login to Outlook to store conversation history and check meetings.

    Of course our ICT did not tell us which shall be used so first time all employees were trying both methods on every login prompt. This happens every 3 months for me, when I change password...

    Also worth to notice, same issue is on mobile Skype app, that requiers exchange credentials, but don't accept them in any form.
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    you know what happens next?
    everybody will start to use www.appear.in and is more than happy to piss off management because nobody is using their shiny microsoft toys.
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