Hey everyone, I'm ecstatic and nervous! I got my first technical phone interview from a company I'd actually really want to work with for a full stack (mostly frontend) react node web app developer job. Any tips or stories of your first technical phone interview with a company you cared about?! I think it will really help me. Thanks! 😅

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    Be candid. Dont pretend to be someone you're not, and dont be afraid to have conversations if the opportunity presents itself.

    You want to pass the technical, but you also want them to feel like you would mesh well with the team
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    @steaksauce I didn't even think much about that aspect but now I can see it being just as important. I'll remember that. Thank you!
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    And if they ask you what your favorite food is, don't answer, "rice."
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    Last time I did a phone screen for a front-end role that uses React, they asked me for examples of falsey values.
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