Updated. Got my second monitor. The laptop itself is only kept open for the fingerprint reader.

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    Insert innapropriate "you have a role of toilet paper next to your computer" comment here.
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    The person sitting in front of you seems tall. 🤔
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    Deviated septum. I blow my nose enough that keeping boxes of kleenex is impractical. Also, it's a roll, not a role.
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    He's actually a good deal shorter than I am. Well below six feet. I think he likes to keep his monitors high so we don't have to look at each other over the short desk partition.
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    @bahua I use that wallpaper too lol. Why so many mac users using that wallpaper? lol 😄
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    @bahua you scared him 😂
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    I use it because it's nice and dark.
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    @Devnergy because it gives power of IMac Pro 😂
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    @Pogromist ok I will change it now to captain marvel lol
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    what chair, and how do you like it?
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    I'll try to remember to look at the underside when I get to the office today, to see the brand and model. It's comfortable enough that I don't notice it at all.
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    @bahua how do you like it?

    I have the leap v2, and was thinking about the gesture and think.
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    The Think is actually a bit lumpy in the seat for my taste. I'm a firm believer in spending real money on an office chair, but this is not one I would buy, personally. Steelcase is very nice, but I love my HON chair at home.
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    @bahua the think looks great on paper, but reviews are bad.

    What’s HON?

    I love my leap. I adjust it like 10 times a day without thinking about it.
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    HON is an Iowa-based brand of office furniture. They sell some junk chairs that you can get at the major office supply franchises for $129, but they also sell high-quality chairs that I like very much.


    I bought one in 2012 for about $600 US, and we moved to a new house in 2017. The movers we hired broke the chair, and since HON offers a lifetime guarantee, they replaced it for free with a newer model of my choosing. I cannot recommend them enough.
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    @bahua I can see the HON lineup being on par with the steelcase think - they're good for conference rooms.

    But for something I practically live in, the leap is perfect. I splay in it in so many different positions (feet off floor), and it's just adjusts.
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