When you accidentally buy 20 keyboards instead of 1...

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    Doesn't look comfortable.
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    My type of meme 😏
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    game of gnomes
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    With cherry MX blue, if u fart, entire office wud know.
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    @M1sf3t unfortunately...
    Did you see Linus's white motherboard wall and ram picture frames? (Linus Gabriel Sebastian from LinusMediaGroup - LinusTechTips)
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    All bugs must die
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    @ParkCity it does look like a spoof of the iron throne doesn't it!?
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    Game of Keyboards : A programmers tale.
    Short plot pitch.
    It must have obscure methods, uncommitted files, corrupt data, poorly written comments and a romance between all languages oh and there will be mouses everywhere but it will be somewhere near season 6
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    @M1sf3t YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/...

    or Floatplane(actually a daughter company of LMG): https://floatplane.com/channel/...

    LTT is probably the most watched tech channel on YouTube
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    ... for the night is dark and full of errors.
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    I‘d love to watch what Windows would do if you actually plugged in all those keyboards and sat on that chair.
    I imagine it would start beeping painfully, then freezing, then probably the cooling fans would go insane, ripping apart all hardware. Finally, after all shredded parts of the hardware come to rest, the whole pile would just explode.
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    So loud...
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