I like my inputs. Buttons are fun! Guess that's why I ended up here.

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    What are exactly those keyboards?
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    @DodgerAkame In the front is an Ergodox Infinity with Cherry MX clears which I soldered together. It came as a kit from Massdrop (https://www.massdrop.com/r/JDLA54), but I added purple LEDs and various shine-through PBT keycaps that I ordered separately.

    Behind is a Topre Realforce, with a PBT replacement spacebar. Also from Massdrop.

    Then, there's my 20-button mouse, a Logitech G600. I remap the buttons using ControllerMate for back/forward, close window, new window, new tab, volume up/down/mute, escape, right/left arrow, unmount all disks, etc.
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    Looks cool as fuck! Must be comfortable typing :3
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    @korppu I usually use the Topre, since I really like the velvety tactile bump on the capacitive keys, but my wrists started hurting lately. So I'm using the split keyboard until my wrists recover.
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    ++ for m50x. Best headphones ever.
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    @willbeddow agreed, those are such great headphones
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    Having a mouse keybind to unmount all drives. You just made my day! :)
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    A key to unmount all disks... You must be an adventurous one.
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