What is a good way to motivate stagnant developers to try new technologies?

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    Bring in another developer that knows the technologies you want them to try, and then put them in a position that makes them feel like they're being replaced (but dont actually replace them, just see if it motivates them) 😈
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    visiting a dev conference as a team abroad
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    i am the other developer @steaksauce is talking about...and damn these ppl are just duds
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    Have one day a week (or half a week) dedicated to learning new tech and working on side projects. Paid.
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    @Root I'm lucky if they make the time to review my code; I don't see this happening. Won't stop me from asking though
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    Dedicate 1 day a week / or sprint to upskilling. Works well if the devs get onboard.
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    @velian half a day**
    Half a week omg. That would be bliss.
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    Made my suggestion during retro.
    "Nah, it isn't an option. Do personal projects at home"

    Nah. I'll be doing it at another workplace. I handed in my 2 weeks notice today.
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    Rent hookers for BJs that only the users of the new tech will get.
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    @Fast-Nop cue Hugh Jackman scene in swordfish
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    @steaksauce I would def do that to the guy that builds an API but doesn't give two shits about the http codes
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